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Wall Guards

Wall Guards Manufacturers in Mumbai

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the prominent Wall Guards Manufacturers in Mumbai that is engaged in manufacturing an extensive quality of wall protection product which is widely used for medical facility wall protection, hospital wall protection, schools wall protection, hotel wall protection, etc. Our product is useful in reducing repair expenses and maintenance expenses over time. 

Wall Protection Suppliers in India

We have various range of guards for wall protection available and our offered range includes Rubber Wall Guards, and Rubber Round Pillar Guards. You can purchase the best quality of guards from us at a reasonable price. Our wall protection guards are manufactured in our manufacturing unit by using the advanced equipment and latest technology. Our designed and developed guards are checked on different parameters to make sure that we provide great quality of product to all our customers.

Wall Protection Exporters in India

We are also well-known as one of the best Wall Protection Suppliers, Exporters in India that are backed by a skilled team of experienced professionals who make sure to supply the products on-time. If you want fast delivery of your placed order with us then you can reach out to us now for getting your exact requirements fulfilled within a specified period of time. Supported by a vast distribution network we are able to meet the urgent order needs of clients in a fast manner.

All Category Related To Wall Guards

Rubber Wall Guards

Rubber Wall Guard 50 mm offered by the Rubber Wall Guards Manufacturers in Mumbai like Axnoy Industries LLP is made of good quality rubber and is largely used to protect the driveway walls, walls, pillars, etc in the multilevel parking zones. These are also largely utilized in warehouses, and industrial plants to safeguard the pillars and walls from the damages caused due to the movement of trolley or fork lift.

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Rubber Round Pillar Guards

Besides manufacturing, we are also involved in supplying, and exporting these round pillar guards that are highly useful in protecting the pillars from various damages and scratches caused due to vehicles. The major application of our product is to protect elliptical shape or round shape pillars in theater, mall, parking areas, etc. Our passionate and skilled team of workers design and shape the products with perfection and these are available in black color with yellow reflective arrow which provides better reflectivity during night. We also deal in Rubber Wall Guards to meet the requirements of our clients in an appropriate way.

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Speed Breakers

If speeding is an issue then speed breakers from Axnoy Industries LLP can help. We are one of the prestigious and most trusted Speed Breaker Manufacturers in Mumbai that is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of speed breakers and our offered range includes Rubber Speed Breakers, Plastic Speed Breakers, and PVC Rubber Speed Breakers. Our speed bumps are available mainly in two colors; yellow and black with reflective strips collar that makes them clearly visible even from far to avoid accidents. Despite having exposure to elements and contact with heavy moving vehicles, our products will maintain their color for years. Our road safety devices are precisely designed by the skilled and experienced team of professionals to control and slow down the speed of automobile traffic.

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Rumber is a traffic safety product by the Rumblers Manufacturers in Mumbai like Axnoy Industries LLP. Our precisely designed product combines the excellent features besides speed reduction, driver alert system and traffic calming.

  • Visual daytime and night-time warning
  • No special equipments required for installation; easy to Install
  • Visual reflective wet-night warning for permanent or temporary applications (concrete or asphalt surfaces)
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Column Corner Guards

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the pioneer Column Corner Guards Manufacturers in Mumbai that make use of the impact resistance material to manufacture the high-quality corner guards. These are used to protect the cars from hitting the column edges in structures. These are available in yellow and black reflective stripes as they are the highly recommended colors which provide maximum visibility. These guards are ideal to protect column corners exposed to warehouse equipment and vehicles also protect wall and entry or exit areas.

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Car Wheel Stopper

Car stoppers manufactured by the leading Car Wheel Stopper Manufacturers in Mumbai like Axnoy Industries LLP will help you to park your car right and safeguard your vehicle as well as the wall of the garage. Wheel stoppers are a perfect solution that makes parking easier along with safeguarding pedestrians. These are designed by the skilled team of experts that stop cars from hitting their front line of the parking space. These are ideal for parking garages, and in other areas of parking where the space is against a wall. 

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Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors

Axnoy Industries LLP is a renowned Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors Manufacturers in Mumbai that is involved in supplying polycarbonate road security traffic mirrors that have easy to adjust brackets. Our offered convex mirror has better shatterproof. We are a quality-oriented company that is involved in supplying the best quality of mirrors that are lightweight and durable. 

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Convex Mirrors

Want to buy the best quality convex mirror from the leading Convex Mirrors Manufacturers in Mumbai? If yes then you can rely on Axnoy Industries LLP. This mirror is an effective and simple solution for the concerns of safety and security. We supply these in various sizes and shapes in order to meet the different requirements of our customers in an appropriate manner. Our safety and security mirrors are easy to install and can be easily mounted with brackets. We also offer Dome Mirrors to meet the precise demands of our customers.

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Dome Mirrors

Are you looking for the Dome safety and security mirrors at the best price? If yes then best Dome Mirrors Manufacturers in Mumbai like Axnoy Industries LLP can provide you with the high quality mirrors at the competitive cost. Our offered mirrors are largely used in high-traffic areas and also widely demanded in warehouses, maintenance facilities, and hospital corridors. 

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Road Studs

Road safety devices offered by the leading and reputed Road Studs Manufacturers in Mumbai such as Axnoy Industries LLP are largely used in parking lot, highway, underground garage path, and crossing roads. Our safety studs are available with high reflectivity that make sure that streets, and roads are clearly visible during night. These are manufactured by our experienced team of workers who have rich industry knowledge and are dedicated in producing the excellent quality studs for road safety.

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Solar Road Studs

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the prominent Solar Road Studs Manufacturers in Mumbai that makes use of the good grade material so as to create unique innovation. Our manufactured solar studs provide better traffic guidance and are powered by the sun. Solar road studs work from dusk to dawn in an automatic way and are highly demanded by our customers. This lighting device requires low maintenance and delineates road edges.

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Parking Studs

Are you looking for the best and trusted Parking Studs Manufacturers in Mumbai? If yes then you can count on Axnoy Industries LLP. We are one of the best and most trusted companies that is involved in constructing the studs which are utilized for floor marking. Our product creates permanent marking on the floor for vehicle parking and is highly demanded by our customers in the market.

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Traffic Cones

Traffic cones offered by the leading Traffic Cones Manufacturers in Mumbai like Axnoy Industries LLP are used to guide traffic on roads. Our traffic safety cones are made from good-grade material and are long lasting in nature. We make sure to manufacture and deliver the best possible quality of cones which have high-durability. You can trust us for purchasing the optimum quality of road safety traffic cones. 

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Traffic Water Fillable Barriers

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the leading Traffic Water Fillable Barriers Manufacturers in Mumbai that make the best quality of barriers which are wind resistant and are widely used for protection of busy highways and construction sites. When empty it is lightweight but when filled with water it provides good energy absorption and stability. We manufacture these in various sizes so as to meet the specific demand of our customers.

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Traffic Fence Barriers

Axnoy Industries LLP is counted among the list of top-notch Traffic Fence Barriers Manufacturers in Mumbai that make use of the optimum quality of material so as to construct the best quality of road safety barriers. Our fence barriers are easy to adjust with its highly adjustable feet, and light-in-weight. You can expect the superior quality of barriers from us which are highly durable in nature.

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Metro Barricades

If you are looking for the best and reputed Metro Barricades Manufacturers in Mumbai then Axnoy Industries LLP is the best choice for you. We are engaged in manufacturing mainly Plastic Metro Barricades. Our offered barricades are made from high quality material and are UV stabilized. You can avail our barricades at the most competitive rates in the market.

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Traffic Metal Foldable Expandable Barricades

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the leading and prestigious Traffic Metal Foldable Expandable Barricades Manufacturers in Mumbai that make use of the heavy metal strips and pipes so as to manufacture the premium quality of metal expandable barricades. This traffic safety barrier can cover the large area and is compact in designing. Due to its foldable feature, it is easy to relocate; means it can be taken from one place to another without much effort.

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Bollard Barricades

Axnoy Industries LLP is a leading Bollard Barricades Manufacturers in Mumbai. Designed to ensure the safety of ram vehicles, we introduce bollard Barricades to fulfill the demand for access control and impact resistance at sites where security is required. This type of barricade limits the vehicle speed to a specific location. It is available in yellow, black and red color combinations along with reflectors. 

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Plastic Safety Fence

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the prominent Plastic Safety Fence Manufacturers in Mumbai. Axnoy Safety Fences are generally used at construction sites for warning and Safety purposes. It is available in orange color. As the best manufacturer of Safety Plastic fences in India, we offer an excellent range of road safety products. Our collection includes portable Elevator Barrier, Traffic Cones, Plastic Road Studs, Car Wheel Stoppers among others. 

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Foldable/Expandable Barrier

Axnoy Industries is one of the notable Foldable Barrier Manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer Foldable & Expandable Barriers that are constructed with virgin grade HDPE Plastic material. This barrier is modular, easy to carry and repositioned from one place to another. It is available with a hollow section at both ends to fill water or sand that can help for increasing the weight and stability. 

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Solar Blinkers

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the renowned Solar Blinkers Manufacturers in Mumbai. These solar blinkers are placed at pedestrian crossings, road intersections and other areas in order to control the flow of traffic. The important benefit of using this blinker is that there is no need for electric light. It uses solar energy to operate the signal. This Solar LED Traffic Blinker is ideal to use on national highways, road construction and expressways. 

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Traffic Safety Batons

Axnoy Industries LLP is engaged in offering different types of road and safety devices. We are one of the renowned Traffic Safety Batons Manufacturers in Mumbai. The offered safety batons are widely used for safety purposes and for traffic control applications mostly at night. Our range is specially designed as per the set international quality standards. 

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Barricading Tape

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the reputed Barricading Tape Manufacturers in Mumbai. These tapes are an effective way to restrict entry to hazardous or restricted areas. They are ideal to use in construction sites, roadway areas, fire & crime scenes and locations where crowd control is needed. These tapes come with messages like “CAUTION CONSTRUCTION AREA” and “WORK IN PROGRESS” and other such statements.

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Marine Safety Products

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the most trusted Marine Safety Products Manufacturers in Mumbai offers the best quality Lifebuoy Ring and Life Jackets. These marine safety equipment are made with top grade material and the latest technology as per the set international quality standards. They can help to save the lives of swimmers and rafters. The offered marine safety products are known for their features like lightweight, durability and best performance. These products are crucial for cargo vessels, offshore construction, yachting boats and cruise ships.

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Fire Extinguisher Ball

We are one of the leading Fire Extinguisher Ball Manufacturers in Mumbai. This type of fire fighting ball when comes in contact with fire would explode within 4-5 seconds and extinguish the A, B, C class fire in a quick and effective manner. It helps to protect life & property and works well to control similar disasters. This highly efficient fire extinguisher ball will take care of unexpected fires when you are not around. It is ideal to use on materials like wood, paper, liquids, etc. 

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Spring Post

Axnoy Industries LLP is counted among the leading Spring Post Manufacturers in Mumbai. The offered flexible spring post is high in demand due to its high tensile strength, durability and low maintenance. It is easy to install pre-warning signals on roads to avoid road accidents. Moreover, we also provide different types of road & traffic safety products such as Solar Blinkers, Bollard Barricades, Traffic Fence Barriers, Foldable/Expandable Barriers among others. All these products are designed utilising top grade material and modern technology as per the set industrial standards. 

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Warning Bollards

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the reputed Warning Bollards Manufacturers in Mumbai offering the best quality range of bollards. Our range includes Rubber Base Flexible Bollards, Plastic Sand Filled Bollard with Message Plate, Rubber Base Fixed Standing Bollards and Plastic Rubber Base T Top Bollard. Having rich industry knowledge and wide years of experience, we are engaged in offering high-quality Warning Bollards. This kind of road safety barrier is designed using top-grade materials and the best manufacturing techniques keeping in mind the set industrial standards. 

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Dock Bumpers

Axnoy Industries LLP is counted among the topmost Dock Bumpers Manufacturers in Mumbai. These rubber dock bumpers are fabricated from the best quality virgin natural rubber that is widely used to protect the loading and unloading platform in the warehouse from the damage caused due to the reverse moment of the vehicles. They are easily installed horizontally or vertically at the front side of the loading & unloading platform. The offered bumpers are easy to install with high tensile carbon steel studs with Hilti epoxy grout.

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Truck Wheel Chocks

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the trusted Truck Wheel Chocks Manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer a supreme quality range of Rubber Wheel Chocks, Rubber Two Sided Wheel Chock and Plastic Heavy Duty Wheel Chock. All these wheel chocks prevent vehicles from accidentally moving at the time of loading and unloading of cargo. We provide a wide array of wheel chocks for vehicles of different sizes including trailers, loading trucks and many other heavy vehicles. 

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Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Over the years we are involved in manufacturing, & distribution of the products. We have established ourselves as prominent Aircraft Wheel Chocks Manufacturers in Mumbai. Axnoy Industries specializes in aircraft wheel chocks of all the sizes, and models of the planes. Chocks is one of the essential pieces of the ground equipment for every aircraft owner, as they restrict the unnecessary movement.

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Cable Protectors

Axnoy Industries LLP is counted among the top Cable Protectors Manufacturers in Mumbai. This cable protector or guards are extensively used to protect the cables in high traffic areas from damage. It is strong and flexible that can be utilized on roads to protect cables from manual or vehicular impact. The offered protector is available in the most common yellow and black color combination. These effective rubber cable protectors save the cables from heat, water, and other damages. 

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Wheel Jammer / Wheel Locks

Axnoy Industries LLP is a well recognised Wheel Jammer Manufacturers in Mumbai. We are offering different types of wheel locks that are manufactured using heavy grade mild steel material in order to prevent cutting or drillings. These tyre locks are available in yellow and red colors. They are extensively used to lock the wheel of the car that can prevent the wheel motion and theft. This is why these wheel jammers are ideal to secure cars from stealing in the parking area of malls, hotels, complexes, etc. 

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Metal Detector

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the reputed Metal Detector Manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer full-proof security solutions with our top-quality Battery Operated Hand Held Metal Detector. We are the topmost manufacturer and exporter of  Metal Detector from Mumbai. Our modern state of the art production unit and skilled workforce enable us to produce products as per the set industrial standards. They are designed to meet security challenges and tested on different quality parameters in order to ensure their sensitivity to various metals.

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Plastic Floor Stand Signages

Axnoy Industries LLP is one of the famous Plastic Floor Stand Signages Manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer wet floor safety signs and floor stands that are widely used to warn visitors of potential hazards on the ground in order to maintain the work environment safe. This yellow colored floor stand is made of high quality plastic material and latest manufacturing techniques to provide long lasting strength. It has resistance to electricity making it suitable for use in any place. 

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Q Manager Post

Axnoy Industries LLP is highly engaged in offering different types of safety products and is also famous as one of the leading Q Manager Post Manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer a premium range of Q Manager which is used for crowd control solutions for managing the public. The offered product is used in airports, govt establishments, metro & railway stations, malls, banks, hospitals, events, hotels, etc. It is manufactured and designed using top grade raw material and modern technology in compliance with set industrial standards. Our range is also tested on various quality parameters under the observation of our skilled experts. 

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Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Axnoy Industries LLP is counted amongst the foremost Under Vehicle Search Mirror Manufacturers in Mumbai. We provide top quality search mirrors that are fabricated using the latest and innovative techniques in strict compliance with set industrial standards. The offered range is utilized in different parks, hotels, govt houses, hotels, VIP guest houses and other high-security places. We supply the Under Vehicle Search System used to find hidden explosive devices and other suspected objects beneath the cars, trucks, jeeps, and tables. 

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Axnoy Industries LLP is a well established Delineators Manufacturers in Mumbai offering different types of road safety products to our esteemed clients. Our range includes Stainless Steel Delineators, MS Delineators, Traffic Safety Batons, Bollard Barricades, Traffic Fence Barriers, etc. The offered Delineator is designed using modern technology with reflective strips that are ideal for better night visibility. It is mainly used as road safety equipment for helping motorists in finding the right direction to drive. 

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Thermoplastic Marking Paint

Axnoy Industries LLP provides one of the best Thermoplastic Marking Paint Manufacturers in Mumbai. The offered road marking paint is widely used to apply on highways or roads to get better reflection at night. It is a retro reflective type marking that can be applied on cement concrete surfaces. This paint has a great dispersion rate with less oil absorption rate. Its strong chemical properties remain stable for a longer time. Yellow and white color are the most common colors that are used in thermoplastic marking projects. 

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Median Markers

We are one of the most reputed Median Markers Manufacturers in Mumbai and have a strong client base by virtue of our top-class products. The offered median marker is made up of top quality material and we hold a strong degree of speciality in presenting a qualitative range of road safety products. This marker is used on the dividers for better visibility and ensuring safety by reduction of accidents. Clients can avail these markers in various specifications at highly reasonable prices within a specific duration of time.

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Customer Feedback

Customers FAQ’s

Why are traffic cones used?

The pathways and exits to parking lots and underground parking spaces at malls and office buildings are indicated with traffic cones or road cones to give people visible cues. Cones can be used at events or public gatherings to warn attendees about private or off-limits areas.

The primary purpose of wheel stops in a monthly parking space, free parking space, accessible parking area, garage parking lot, and campus parking is to stop drivers from driving too far. They reduce the number of collisions and accidents with nearby vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. In addition to lowering the chance of vehicle damage, they keep both pedestrians and cars safe.

The fire extinguisher balls self-destruct and release the content, which is primarily a dry chemical powder, when they come into contact with flames of fire, either by being thrown into a fire or in an area where a fire could start. The dry chemical powder creates a cloud around the area at that precise moment, putting out the fire.

Barricade tape is brightly colored tape that is used to warn or draw the attention of bystanders to an area or situation containing a potential hazard. It frequently incorporates a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words "Caution" or "Danger" in prominent lettering.

Dome mirrors are used in a variety of locations, such as retail stores, parking lots, and industrial facilities, to increase visibility and security. They are also employed to reduce blind spots and improve visibility in constrained spaces.

Solar traffic blinkers are typically utilized to serve in the capacity of a warning symbol. The signaling function of these blinkers is provided by solar energy. Therefore, there is no requirement for a source of electrical power.