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Modular Foldable/Expandable Barrier

Modular Foldable Barrier Manufacturers in Mumbai

Axnoy Industries LLP is engaged in offering different types of road and traffic safety products. Our collection includes Speed Breakers, Rumblers, Column Corner Guards, Wall Guards, and Convex Mirror among others. We are one of the well known Modular Foldable Barrier Manufacturers in Mumbai who provide a superior range of Foldable and Expandable Barriers to our esteemed clients. These foldable barriers are constructed using virgin grade HDPE Plastic material. 

Modular Expandable Barrier Suppliers in India

We are the most trusted Modular Expandable Barrier Suppliers, Exporters in IndiaThe offered Foldable barrier is portable and available with two handles. It comes with three wheels for easy folding and moving from one place to another. This type of barrier comes in yellow color. It is extensively employed in places like malls, hotels, airports, warehouses, industrial plants, etc. 

Modular Expandable Barrier Exporters in India

If you are searching for a renowned Exporter of Expandable Barrier in Maharashtra, then Axnoy Industries LLP is the right choice for you. These road barriers are available in yellow and red color along with reflectors to give better night visibility. 

Some of the key features which make our offering appreciated by the clients include:

  • Sturdy and Robust Construction
  • Unparalleled Quality
  • Designed with perfection
  • Long-Life
  • Portable and foldable
  • Reasonable cost
Product related to Modular Foldable/Expandable Barrier

Foldable/Expandable Barrier-White/Red - 3000

Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Material
Color White/Red
Brand Other
Size Standard
Usage/Application Industrial
Weight 5 Kg
I Deal In New Only

Axnoy Make Foldable/Expandable Barrier White/Red are made from glass fibre Reinforced Plastic Material.It is Complete modular safety barrier with compact design and also useful to cover larger space area .It is So modular, that it can be easily carried from one place to another and easy travelling. It is White/Red in Color and with heavy duty base.These Barriers are majorly used near the maintenance work area like Elevators, Escalators , Machine Maintenance area,Inside the Industrial plants to block the Entry or to Corden off the area, Shopping Malls,Stores ,Hotels, Airports, Ports,Warehouses,Etc

Product Size :

  • Length : 3000 mm.
  • Height : 1200 mm
  • Base Width- 1600 mm

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: AXN-FEB-W-R-3000
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Modular Barrier - Foldable /Expandable

Material Virgin grade HDPE Plastic
Color Yellow color
Size 2600 L X 1050 H (mm)
Weight 6.5 Kg

Axnoy Make Modular Barrier -Foldable & Expandable are made from virgin grade HDPE Plastic material. It is very modular, having two handles and 3 Wheels for easy to Fold ,carry and move from one place to another. It comes in Yellow color .It can be used inside and outside the premise like hotels , malls , industrial plants airports ,Warehouses,Stores, etc.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: AXN-IMB
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Axnoy Industries LLP is a renowned Heavy Duty Foldable Barrier Manufacturers in Mumbai offering different types of Expandable Barrier. Our collection includes Modular Foldable/Expandable Barrier, Multipurpose Foldable Heavy Duty Barrier and Portable Elevator Barrier. Axnoy manufactures heavy-duty foldable barriers that are made from virgin grade HDPE Plastic material. It is portable and easy to carry so that it can move from one place to another. 

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Axnoy Industries LLP is a well known Multipurpose Foldable Heavy Duty Barrier Manufacturers in Mumbai. We fabricate and design a Foldable Barrier from virgin grade HDPE Plastic material. The offered barrier is portable and has two handles with 3 wheels for easy movement and folding. It is easy to move from one place to another. This type of heavy-duty barrier is available in yellow color. Our range can also be used both inside and outside the places such as malls, airports, hotels, industrial plants, warehouses, stores, etc.

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Portable Elevator Barrier

Axnoy Industries LLP is engaged in offering different types of Foldable or Expandable Barriers and is famous as one of the leading Portable Elevator Barrier manufacturers in Mumbai. We offer 4 pieces of foldable barrier designed from virgin grade plastic material. These are complete modular safety barrier units that can link together to form a larger unit and to cover a larger space area. This is so modular, that it can be easily carried from one place to another.

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