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Speed Breakers Ideal Speed Management Kit for Roads

Speed Breakers Ideal Speed Management Kit for Roads

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Speed Breakers Ideal Speed Management Kit for Roads

Speed bumps or speed breakers are very essential for road safety. A speed breaker is something that can slow down your vehicle’s speed. At times when we find ourselves speeding our vehicles, we tend to slow down when we realize that there is a speed breaker ahead, and that probably helps to save our lives. 

Safety cones, also known as road cones are commonly found on the streets, coloured in white and orange. These allow you to know of any hazardous situation, such as a construction site. Rest assured, speed breakers, and at times plastic barriers too can get us out of a nasty situation. Speed breakers are ideally the best speed management kit for roads. 

Plastic speed breaker

Plastic speed breakers help avoid a road accident. These can reduce the risk of fatalities, or injuries on the road, and are of great importance. Plastic speed breakers can be found all across the world, in every major city. Speed breaker prices can range from cheap to expensive, depending on the type.

Some salient features of plastic speed breakers: 

  • They can help in slowing down traffic. 
  • Plastic speed breakers are cost-effective. 
  • These speed breakers are highly effective and are made from sturdy plastic and rubber. 
  • These are easily visible during night, thanks to the high-intensity reflectors placed on them. 

Can we control road accidents?

There are several speed control devices and traffic management mechanisms that can be used by the authorities to avoid road accidents. These include.

  • Concrete or plastic Speed breakers - These traffic safety devices play a major role in slowing down the rush of traffic, and slow down speeding vehicles too. 
  • Plastic speed bump - Plastic speed bump can be readily installed on roads across the country to avoid deaths and injuries.
  • Traffic barricades - Talking about plastic barricades, these barricades are colorful, and can thus catch the attention of pedestrians, and drivers alike.

How to control Vehicle speed using speed bumps?

Speed bumps provide a speed control and lower the speed of vehicles. Thus, contributing to the safety of the road. Drivers are generally aware of the fact that the roads must have speed bumps, and hence they do not take the risk to drive too fast. Speed bumps truly help in the overall safety of the roads. 

Driving during night time can be specially hazardous if the speed of the vehicle is not checked. In this case, speed bumps with reflectors help. Thus significantly reducing the chances of an accident.


The best speed management kits for roads are in fact the cost-effective ones. Plastic speed breakers and traffic cones are all fairly simple ways to save lives by slowing down traffic and achieving reduced speeds of vehicles. 

The use of speed management kits from us ensures lasting safety for roads, especially in crowded cities. After all, prevention is better than cure, and this is the best prevention for accidents and injuries on the road.

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Why are traffic cones used?

The pathways and exits to parking lots and underground parking spaces at malls and office buildings are indicated with traffic cones or road cones to give people visible cues. Cones can be used at events or public gatherings to warn attendees about private or off-limits areas.

The primary purpose of wheel stops in a monthly parking space, free parking space, accessible parking area, garage parking lot, and campus parking is to stop drivers from driving too far. They reduce the number of collisions and accidents with nearby vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. In addition to lowering the chance of vehicle damage, they keep both pedestrians and cars safe.

The fire extinguisher balls self-destruct and release the content, which is primarily a dry chemical powder, when they come into contact with flames of fire, either by being thrown into a fire or in an area where a fire could start. The dry chemical powder creates a cloud around the area at that precise moment, putting out the fire.

Barricade tape is brightly colored tape that is used to warn or draw the attention of bystanders to an area or situation containing a potential hazard. It frequently incorporates a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words "Caution" or "Danger" in prominent lettering.

Dome mirrors are used in a variety of locations, such as retail stores, parking lots, and industrial facilities, to increase visibility and security. They are also employed to reduce blind spots and improve visibility in constrained spaces.

Solar traffic blinkers are typically utilized to serve in the capacity of a warning symbol. The signaling function of these blinkers is provided by solar energy. Therefore, there is no requirement for a source of electrical power.