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Different Types Car Park Wheel Stops

Different Types Car Park Wheel Stops

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Different Types Car Park Wheel Stops

Car park wheel stops are ideal traffic control devices that help to assist a driver in deciding the correct positioning of parking. It is often located some distance away from any immovable property, such as a wall or a curb. As a result, the chances of the driver hitting his car into a wall when parking is reduced.

As a result, car park wheel stops can be extremely useful in garages, shopping centres, and municipal parking lots. They can avoid collisions with nearby objects, protecting both the vehicles and the property. People often find scratches and dents on their vehicles when they park their cars in malls. But with the help of wheel stops, parking can be designed so that vehicle owners know where to stop and park.

Wheel stops for car parking are available in three quality materials i.e plastic, rubber and concrete. All the offered material comes with various benefits. However, as per the clients, rubber wheel stops always produced from the most reliable and useful options.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete Wheel Stops are made with heavy material that can withstand a great force. But their heavyweight makes it difficult to install and transport. Additionally, these can be sometimes unsafe for vehicles as they are easily cracked resulting in a total loss. 

Plastic Wheel Stops

They are the cheapest of the lot and are much lighter than the concrete variety. These plastic wheel stops are most suitable for personal garages and parking spaces, but they may not be suitable for commercial spaces. It might not be very successful with heavy vehicles due to their light weight.

Rubber Wheel Stops

They are the ideal compromise between the plastic and concrete forms. They are light in comparison to concrete but heavier than plastic ones. As a result, they are simple to transport and mount, they are highly efficient at preventing vehicles from colliding with walls. That makes them the perfect choice and true value for money.

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Why are traffic cones used?

The pathways and exits to parking lots and underground parking spaces at malls and office buildings are indicated with traffic cones or road cones to give people visible cues. Cones can be used at events or public gatherings to warn attendees about private or off-limits areas.

The primary purpose of wheel stops in a monthly parking space, free parking space, accessible parking area, garage parking lot, and campus parking is to stop drivers from driving too far. They reduce the number of collisions and accidents with nearby vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. In addition to lowering the chance of vehicle damage, they keep both pedestrians and cars safe.

The fire extinguisher balls self-destruct and release the content, which is primarily a dry chemical powder, when they come into contact with flames of fire, either by being thrown into a fire or in an area where a fire could start. The dry chemical powder creates a cloud around the area at that precise moment, putting out the fire.

Barricade tape is brightly colored tape that is used to warn or draw the attention of bystanders to an area or situation containing a potential hazard. It frequently incorporates a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words "Caution" or "Danger" in prominent lettering.

Dome mirrors are used in a variety of locations, such as retail stores, parking lots, and industrial facilities, to increase visibility and security. They are also employed to reduce blind spots and improve visibility in constrained spaces.

Solar traffic blinkers are typically utilized to serve in the capacity of a warning symbol. The signaling function of these blinkers is provided by solar energy. Therefore, there is no requirement for a source of electrical power.